Yasmin Ali

Yasmin Ali is a rising junior at Mayo High School, and the director of RCI Public Relations. Yasmin values amplifying youth and marginalized voices. She has done so through various avenues such as blog writing with a focus on covering untold stories and being involved in the Mayo Diversity Committee as club secretary. Yasmin uses her experience with policy work in the school district and knowledge of policy as the Mayo Global Affairs co-captain to better the Rochester community for the voiceless.

Riley Atwood

Riley Atwood(he/him) is a rising senior at John Marshall High School and a member of the Public Relations Committee of RCI. His writing skills as well as a passion for both political action and artistic endeavors have helped drive him while working within RCI. By using his inherent privileges and a willingness to grow and educate himself, Riley hopes to support his peers and his community. Outside RCI, he can be found drawing on anything and everything and playing any instruments within arms reach.

Layna Erredge

Layna Erredge is a junior at Mayo High School and is a member of the PR committee. She is committed to being and advocate and working with others to promote positive change in Rochester and beyond. Layna is an avid soccer player and is involved in many clubs including: Mayo Soccer, Honors Society, Environmental Action Committee, and more.

Ella Mitchell

Ella Mitchell is a junior at Mayo High School, and is a member of the Public Relations Committee. She is passionate about advocating for progressive change in her community by sharing and amplifying youth voices. Ella helps lead her peers as a senior captain of the Mayo Girls Soccer team, as well as giving back by volunteering through Key Club and Mayo Honors Society.

Reese Rutherford

I looove the color pink! I love fashion, velour tracksuits are my fave. And I love to snowboard purrrrrr

McKenzie Strenke

McKenzie Strenke is a sophomore at Mayo High School, and a member of the PR Committee. In her free time she is a member of many extra curricular activities, and she is the president of Unified Spartans which is a group that educates and advocates for an environment where students with and without disabilities can work together to create an open and inclusive space. Due to this program she has also gotten involved with Minnesota Special Olympics, and is now both the secretary and treasurer for the MN Special Olympics Student Board of Directors. McKenzie is also a Sergeant in the United States Air Force Auxiliary.

Freddie Suhler

Freddie Suhler is a junior at Lourdes High School. While Freddie has many hobbies like soccer, tennis, video games, and hiking, he is even more passionate about fighting for social inclusivity and economic equality in Rochester, ensuring a better place for all people to live.

Lyric Trempe

Lyric is a senior at Pine Island high school. They have always been passionate about intersectional advocacy, and love expressing that through their photography and social media endeavors. Even though they feel like they are always editing some sort of project, they love being creative digitally!

Youser Yousif

Youser is a 19 year old who is an undergraduate student (sophomore) at the University of Minnesota. Majoring in biology, Youser is working towards a career in the medical field. When she is away from the books, she is committed and passionate about advocating for the environment and creating equity through social change. Since high school, she has been avid about being involved In the community, and creating an environment where others can be heard and encouraged to participate in creating positive change, which she has carried through with her.