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Salma Abdi

Salma is a current senior at Century High School and has been an organizer for the past few years. As a member of the Governor’s Children's Cabinet Advisory Council, a Minnesota Youth Council Representative, and Co-Lead of the Southern MN Youth for Climate Justice, she is driven to make positive change and fight for climate justice, juvenile justice, and advocate for youth. Furthermore, Salma says she believes “in the power of community and mutual aid, ” which is why she has joined RCI’s Education Committee. According to her, “Education is what will revolutionize the change that is needed.”

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Bre Enders

Bre is involved with teen council through Planned Parenthood. They also work at the YMCA doing childcare and Hy-Vee in the pharmacy. They are super passionate about healthcare and advocacy!

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Julia Sanchez

Julia is a ninth-grader at Mayo High School and is new to RCI. She has been aware of social injustice from a young age. She lives at home with her twin sister, Sophie, as well as her parents, brother, and two adorable pups. Baking is Julia’s love language and she also enjoys listening to the Hamilton soundtrack. Julia is very much looking forward to getting back to in person school so she can make new friends and escape from her father’s constant series of terrible dad jokes.

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Sophie Sanchez

Sophie is very excited to join RCI this year. She is a freshman student at Mayo High School. Sophie has been passionate about social justice, anti-racism and feminism since a young age. In her spare time, Sophie loves music, scary movies and expressing herself through painting and other forms of art. While she enjoys the company of her dogs during online school, Sophie is really looking forward to going back to in person school along with her twin sister, Julia.

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Gauri Sood

Gauri Sood is a junior at Mayo High School and a member of the Educations Committee who is dedicated to educating and empowering young voices to create lasting change. She is actively engaged in education-based initiatives including the Student School Board, Global Affairs, and Environmental Action clubs of Mayo High School, and is a teen leader for Food Allergies of Rochester MN, a group for educating and supporting those with food allergies. Gauri is also a co-creator and lead trainer for HappiGenius, a social and emotional learning curriculum presently designed for elementary school students. As a student leader, Gauri strives to empower and educate young students so they can better handle their academic and emotional challenges and achieve their highest potential.


Will Laudon 

William Laudon is a current Junior at Mayo High School and is passionate about creating change in the world around him. He is an active member of the Mayo Band and Choir programs, Mayo Stage Door, and the Mayo Speech and Debate teams. His passion for performing stems into the community, where he frequently performs in plays, musicals, and with youth companies in the Rochester area. Additionally, William is a part of Planned Parenthood’s Teen Council, which provides peer-led sexual education in Rochester and Southeastern Minnesota and supplies a much needed outlet for advocacy regarding Planned Parenthood and sexual health. His leadership in various youth-led and youth-driven activities have motivated William to help others. By striving to educate his peers and uplift those around him, William is a proud member of the Rochester Community Initiative and their work to create an inclusive, equitable, and fair world.

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Morgan Morey 

I am involved in Century Student Government, Key Club, and 3 sports. I am also passionate about photography, where I can capture fun, exciting, or impactful moments in time. I am so excited to dive into work with RCI to make lasting change in our community, work with other passionate youth, and learn about how to run a non-profit! Outside of these activities I love to read, run, bike, listen to Taylor Swift, and spend time with my cats.