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Gabby Holmes (Dir.)

Gabby is a sophomore at Byron High School. Along with being co-director of RCI's Development Committee, they do theater, robotics, and are president of Byron’s GSA. They also are in their own band and enjoy playing music. Gabby is super excited to start planning events for things they are passionate about and for all the awesome projects RCI will undoubtedly organize.

IMG-1080 - Madeleine Nemergut.jpg

Madeleine Nemergut (Dir.)

Madeleine, a senior at Mayo High School, is dedicated to creating positive change. As co-director of RCI’s Development Committee, she strives to increase economic, educational, and social equity in the greater Rochester area. In the community, Madeleine is on the executive board of Living Room Tutors, a completely free and virtual tutoring service, which eliminates systemic educational barriers for low-income and ESL students. She also enjoys interacting with patients as a Mayo Clinic youth volunteer and teaching members of the Rochester Boys and Girls Club how to swim. At Mayo High School, Madeleine is the president of the Model United Nations Club and a member of the Girls Swim and Dive team. Additionally, she has side passions for Spanish, reading, baking, and solving jigsaw puzzles.

E025A240-105D-4E25-94E9-9A749A66D33E - Mahadev Krishnan.jpeg

Mahadev Krishnan

Mahadev is a freshman at Century High School and is very passionate about changing to world for it to become a better place. He hopes everyone can work together to make their community and their city a safer and an overall better place. In his free time, Mahadev likes to play many sports like Tennis, Basketball, and Football as well as hanging out with friends and also listening to music.

017E71FE-E6F1-4C2C-977B-BEC119E9D915 - Annika Cmiel.jpeg

Annika Cmiel

Annika Cmiel is an eighth grader at Willow Creek Middle School. She wants to give youth a voice and encourage them to speak up for their beliefs. She is in a plethora of activities including but not limited to: GSA, Sing Out Loud Bella Fiore choir, & Girl Scouts. Annika, in addition to enjoying rock climbing, also likes spending time outside & playing volleyball.

IMG_6847 - Krishna Kadirvel.jpeg

Krishna Kadirvel

Krishna Kadirvel is a dedicated sophomore at Century High School with a passion for extracurriculars. Not only does he excel in track and debate, but he also leads as the co-president of the Indian Student Association, fostering a sense of community and cultural awareness. Committed to positive change, Krishna became a member of RCI to contribute significantly to his community, offering his time to volunteer initiatives that make a real difference.

IMG_1093 - Wamda Elzubair.HEIC

Wamda Elzubair

Wamda Elzubair is a senior at Century High School and member of the Development Committee within RCI. As an active leader, Wamda is a co-advisor for her school Model UN and a Student Government Representative. She is the Chair of the Century Student School Board, and so, a council member on the Student School Board. This summer she attended Harvard University to further her education in astrophysics and literature, as she plans on majoring in astrophysics and going into research.

IMG_3282 - Jack McCauley.jpg

Jack McCauley

Jack McCauley is a junior at Mayo High School. He is a passionate participant in several sports and activities and aims to form deep personal connections with the different communities he is a part. Jack is involved in Mountain Biking, Nordic Skiing, and Debate, and he works as a Bike mechanic. Jack is excited to become more connected to the community of Rochester as a whole through Rochester Community Initiative.

Screen Shot 2022-11-26 at 11.53.17 AM - Isha Kapoor.png

Isha Kapoor

Isha Kapoor is a senior at Mayo High School. She is a member of the Development Committee of RCI and is passionate about amplifying youth voices and serving marginalized communities within the greater Rochester. Aside from RCI, Isha serves as a co-chair of the Mayo Equity Team, as well as an executive board member of Mayo's UNICEF club, which leads fundraising and education initiatives in an effort to protect children's rights. She also currently serves on the Rochester-Olmsted Youth Council. As a member of RCI, Isha strives to implement meaningful change that promotes an environment of inclusivity and tolerance within her community.

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