Mariam Egberongbe

Hi I'm Mariam and super excited to be in RCI! I'm an April taurus and I love getting involved in things. I'm a senior at John Marshall and student body vice president! I'm also vice-president of both JM's Diversity Council and Honors Society. I am looking forward to making an impact with RCI!

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Isha Kapoor

Isha Kapoor is a sophomore at Mayo High School. She is a member of the Development Committee of RCI and is passionate about amplifying youth voices and serving marginalized communities within Rochester. Aside from RCI, Isha is involved in the Diversity Committee, Debate, Student Government, and UNICEF clubs at Mayo High School. She also currently serves on the Olmsted County Youth Commission and is a youth representative on Olmsted County's Human Rights Commission. As a member of RCI, Isha strives to implement meaningful change that promotes an environment of inclusivity and tolerance within her community.

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Mateo Wilkins

Yo! I’m Mateo Wilkins, a junior at John Marshall high school. I joined RCI to become more involved in the community and stand up for what I believe in. Besides RCI I play basketball and track, and I’m also a junior Olympic fencer.

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Leian Mulatre

Leian Mulatre is a senior at Mayo High School. Leian joined RCI to learn about more ways he can help his local community as much as possible. When Leian isn't working on the development committee, you can find him fueling up on Taco Bell, playing Minecraft, rewatching Euphoria, and crying to Frank Ocean.

P.S.  Juice Wrld lovers don’t get the aux 😐...

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Mahadev Krishnan

I play basketball and tennis. I love to watch any sports but mostly basketball, football, and tennis. I love volunteering and doing things for the community. I have a website and a company called Cakes For Care where I give 25% of the earnings to The Landing homeless shelter.

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Natasha Sortland

Natasha Sortland is a junior at Zumbrota-Mazeppa High School. She is involved in ZM's student government along with being actively involved in Rochester's Citizens' Climate Lobby chapter. Natasha is especially eager about promoting education on inclusion and equity in rural areas. In her free time, Natasha is a four sport athlete and also enjoys cooking and hiking.

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Cate Stacy

Cate Stacy is a Junior at Mayo High School who strives to make positive change in our community. She is passionate about the environment and promoting sustainability initiatives affecting the greater Rochester area. Cate currently serves on the executive board of the Mayo UNICEF Club which educates, advocates, and fundraises on behalf of UNICEF’s mission to protect children’s rights. She also serves on the environmental committee of the Rochester-Olmsted Youth Commission. In her free time, Cate enjoys playing tennis, baking, and spending time outdoors.


Sophia Martinez-Fervenza

Sophia Martinez is a senior at Mayo High School and is a strong advocate for equality and acceptance, especially LGBTQ+ rights. Sophia wants to use her time in RCI to make positive changes in Rochester so everyone can be accepted for who they are.


Kianna Young

Kianna Young is a senior at Mayo High School with a mind dedicated to making our community a better place for all. She is a strong advocate for those who are underrepresented and those who feel left out. She has been on RCI for almost a year now and has loved the work she has done. If she's not working within the development committee you can find her outdoors being in nature or in the kitchen baking cakes.


Jenny Yan

Jenny is a senior at Century High School who is dedicated to inspiring and implementing progressive change in her community. She prioritizes intersectional advocacy and aims to uplift marginalized communities and amplify youth voices. Her leadership is illustrated through her captaincy of the Century Debate Team and the Century Girls Tennis team, as well as her involvement in Student Government as the Senior Class President. As a leader to her peers, she strives to educate herself and others by advocating for equitable policies.