Yasmin Ali

Yasmin Ali is a senior at Mayo High School, and the Operations Officer of RCI. Yasmin values amplifying youth and marginalized voices. Her leadership extends to Executive Student Body President, Global Affairs Club Captain, and Diversity Committee President. Being an involved student pushed her to become more active in the community. She hopes to inspire other young people to become engaged members in their community and society at large.

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Mary Villarama

Mary Villarama is a junior at Mayo High School. As the Assistant Operations Officer, she strongly believes in the importance of longevity through youth advocacy. Mary is also involved in various other clubs and organizations including Student School Board and Environmental Action Committee, and is an aspiring ballet dancer passionate about supporting Rochester's local art scene.

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Natasha Sortland

Natasha Sortland is a junior at Zumbrota-Mazeppa High School and a Co-Director of the Development Committee. She is involved in ZM's student government along with being actively involved in Rochester's Citizens' Climate Lobby chapter. Natasha is especially eager about promoting education on inclusion and equity in rural areas. In her free time, Natasha is a four sport athlete and also enjoys cooking and hiking.

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Jenny Yan

Jenny is a senior at Century High School who is dedicated to inspiring and implementing progressive change in her community. She prioritizes intersectional advocacy and aims to uplift marginalized communities and amplify youth voices. Her leadership is illustrated through her captaincy of the Century Debate Team and the Century Girls Tennis team, as well as her involvement in Student Government as the Senior Class President. As a leader to her peers, she strives to educate herself and others by advocating for equitable policies.

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William Laudon

William Laudon is a current Junior at Mayo High School and is passionate about creating change in the world around him. He is an active member of the Mayo Band and Choir programs, Mayo Stage Door, and the Mayo Speech and Debate teams. His passion for performing stems into the community, where he frequently performs in plays, musicals, and with youth companies in the Rochester area. Additionally, William is a part of Planned Parenthood’s Teen Council, which provides peer-led sexual education in Rochester and Southeastern Minnesota and supplies a much needed outlet for advocacy regarding Planned Parenthood and sexual health. His leadership in various youth-led and youth-driven activities have motivated William to help others. By striving to educate his peers and uplift those around him, William is a proud member of the Rochester Community Initiative and their work to create an inclusive, equitable, and fair world.

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Annie Chen

Annie Chen is currently a high school student at Mayo High School. Annie is the leader for the elections and state policy section at Climate Generation. As Logistics Director, she focuses on writing and advocating for statewide climate policy proposals.

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Rita Dai

Rita Dai is the Assistant Logistics director. They are a senior at Century High School dedicated to education and amplifying marginalized voices. They are involved in their community through clubs like Century’s AYLA and organizations like Living Room Tutors. They are constantly listening to music or binging their favorite shows.

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Layna Erredge

Layna Erredge is a senior at Mayo High School and is a Co-Director of the PR committee. She is committed to being an advocate and working with others to promote positive change in Rochester and beyond. Layna is an avid soccer player and is involved in many clubs including: Mayo Soccer, Honors Society, Environmental Action Committee, and more.

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Ella Mitchell

Ella Mitchell is a senior at Mayo High School, and is a Co-Director of the Public Relations Committee. She is passionate about advocating for progressive change in her community by sharing and amplifying youth voices. Ella helps lead her peers as a senior captain of the Mayo Girls Soccer team, as well as giving back by volunteering through Key Club and Mayo Honors Society.